The YUKON GOVERNMENT is expanding its continuing care programs.

Whitehorse remains a secret of Canada’s north, and the Yukon Territory offers something the rest of Canada cannot. You won’t be a resident long before you hear the stories of those who came on a 6-month assignment and never left. It’s not hard to understand why either. While your southern counterparts contemplate which exit to take while they are stuck in traffic, you could be contemplating exploring the vibrant local art scene or the miles of trails leaving your backyard.

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Current Openings

Job Title
Salary RangeJob AdStatus
Physiotherapist (PT)$79,521 - $92,234Apply
Nursing Home Attendant / Personal Support Worker$57,526 - $66,103Apply
Licensed Practical Nurse / Registered Practical Nurse$67,624 - $77,915Apply
Registered Nurse$78,153 - $90,228Apply
RN, Home Care $78,153 -$90,228Apply
RN, Supervisor$82,334 - $95,122Apply

Before you apply

Before you apply, make sure you spend some time reviewing our tips. Being prepared and following these guidelines will ensure you submit the best possible application.

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in working with Yukon Continuing Care.

Please submit a resume for the position you are interested in, by clicking on the APPLY in the Current Openings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of our Yukon CC recruitment team.

Career development

We are leaders in our field, and part of that comes from our commitment to the growth and development of our employees.

  • Wide range of training courses and programs
  • Funding for professional development
  • Recruitment and development for Aboriginal people
  • Practicums and student placements
  • Graduate opportunities

It’s a complete, sweet package

First of all there’s your full-time, permanent career with full benefits. Did we mention the opportunities for professional growth and career progression? The modern facilities and resources? Best practices and collaborative teamwork environments? OK, now we have — it’s all part of the package that you get with a Continuing Care Career in Yukon.

But second, that package comes wrapped up in Yukon, the finest wrapping paper this country has to offer. Your new home is a place that can go from wild to refined in a single afternoon. From pristine wilderness to a dynamic arts and culture scene, from vibrant communities to a city with modern infrastructure and all conveniences, and a lifestyle that is both outdoorsy and coffee-shop-culture civilized.

You’re going to feel right at home.

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